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SERVICE FOR EXISTING TIMP-TUNERS™ : We still service existing units, even though we no longer manufacture them. Contact us at info@protune.com or 845-462-6452 for cost and shipping instructions.

User Tips  for  Model TT-1E installation,  operating,  and  troubleshooting.

FAQ's for Frequently Asked Questions, a collection of answers to questions commonly asked during more than 25 years since Protune Corp. introduced the first Timp-Tuner™.

Contact  Us  to order Timp-Tuner™, request additional information,  arrange for service  and  repairs,  and  to send us any  questions  or  comments  that  you  might have.

Support for older Timp-Tuner™ systems  is  still  available.

User Instructions  and  warranty for the latest Timp-Tuner™ Model TT-1E,  in  Adobe  PDF  format,  can be obtained right now. Click  Here  to  view User Instructions.


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