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Timp-Tuner™ is fast, accurate, and it works even in a noisy environment with other instruments playing.  It's pickup doesn't "hear" anything: it detects only the drumhead vibrations.  The unique patented pickup on the new Model TT-1E provides high sensitivity, isolation from surrounding sound, and long working distance to the drumhead.  It works like Radar, sensing only the head vibrations of the drum on which it is mounted.  Each single-drum unit is entirely self-contained.  No wires to tangle or trip over.

It's the best!  Here's why.  Timp-Tuner™ shows you what counts - the note that is actually sounding and whether it is on pitch - while mechanical gages only tell you where the pedal is.   Some acoustic tuners may work on timps in a quiet room, but try using them while the band is playing!  Only Timp-Tuner™ can do that.  Use Timp-Tuner™ to set up your drums, and as an ear-training practice tool.  You'll get the best out of your drums.

Use a full set (one per drum) for ear training and performance tuning.  Or, just one unit for drum setup (installing and balancing heads, setting mechanical gage markers)

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TAPPING THE DRUM:  Repeated light tapping with a soft mallet gives the best results.  This generally keeps the drum sounding with a strong fundamental, providing a continuous reading of the fundamental on the display.

READING THE DISPLAY:  The liquid crystal display automatically shows the note that is sounding.
- Up or down motion of the strobe bars shows tuning error.

- The bars move up (sharp) or down (flat) at a rate proportional to tuning error.

- The slower the bar pattern moves, the closer the note is to being in tune.

- When the note sounded is in tune, the bar pattern is motionless.

- When not displaying a note, all of the bars are displayed, and, periodically,
   a number is displayed that indicates calibration setting.

- When power is first turned on, for about one second, the display shows a "B" (for "Battery check)
   and a number of strobe bars proportional to the condition of the batteries.  Few or no strobe bars
   showing indicates low battery


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Timp-Tuner™ attaches to the counterhoop (outer tensioning ring) of the drum, placed diagonally across from the normal striking position. The magnetic mount fits conventional hoops. Mounting is fast and easy, and does not require use of any tools.  Drums of unusual configuration may require special adapters (example: drums that have cable or chain adjusters going from lug to lug across the top).  For special situations, an adapter for mounting the Timp-Tuner™ to a music stand shaft is available.

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"Best training aid."

"Pitch setup and change are much faster, and the level of tuning in our bands between the timpani and other low-voiced instruments has improved dramatically."

"...quite spectacular results!"

"Thank you once again for making this product available, we are all enjoying the improved timpani intonation."

"The best application of a tuner that I've seen yet."

"If I can't tune the Timpani, how can I expect my students to do it? This is a great way to train them."

"It's great. Works just like you say it does."

"Like a Timex(R)- Takes a Licking - Keeps on Ticking."

"The system has performed flawlessly."  "Thanks for a wonderful product."


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For tuning Timpani, Tympani, Timpany, Tympany, Timp, Tymp, or Kettle Drum -- however you spell it, Timp-Tuner™ is designed for you!

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