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1. See how easy it is to read the Timp-Tuner display.

2. See how quickly Timp-Tuner responds to pitch changes

3. See how Timp-Tuner™ works even while the band is playing.

4. See how Timp-Tuner™ can help you balance the drumhead.

5. Make fast and accurate pitch changes with Timp-Tuner

6. See how easily Timp-Tuner™ mounts to the drum

7. Use Timp-Tuner™ to set mechanical gages

8.  See how Timp-Tuner™ works on some other types of drums


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For tuning Timpani, Tympani, Timpany, Tympany, Timp, Tymp, or Kettle Drum -- however you spell it, Timp-Tuner™ is designed for you!

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